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Did Psychicpebbles voice the sun?

I really love the background most of the time with certain areas reminding me of print making, but the figures don't really fit in well the background; there is less quality contrasting the character. The castle needed to have an appropriate amount of detail given the tower was shown with brick work and the rest being more blank.

There is a need for consistency of the art style in the overall piece.

Robinucheer responds:

Thank you very much for your review. It's helped me understand several things.

whilst this video is for comedic purposes. The majority of the video made me think of it like something of an educational programme.

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I think you need more music for your levels; giving more variety for specific sectors of the entire game. that is what I'll write so far.

I did find this difficult to play.

Other than that, I like the art style, mind you perhaps you should make the background like a children's pirate map, which could give us the impression that the child is playing pretend (this is from what I have played) having rules to the game the child is playing. The music is calming.

TwoPigs responds:

Thank you for enjoying the game even though the difficulty progression was kind of off! I agree that it needs fixing - will get to doing so in the next update :D. I like your suggestion of the pirate map in the background - could picture it in the game already! Cheers!

I thin you could add the need to repair towers in the game maybe that it wears down or a specific enemy attacks your towers so enemies can past though without the cost of damage. The towers could have a military base theme to them given you are defending a rocket; not a castle and your fighting spaceships; not fantasy monsters.

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Sounds like playing an earthboundesc RPG where the player goes into the room of a drug user with then something horrifying happen with an athermath. Good Job.

guyanermanator responds:


This piece really deserves the title with the animal relate sounds and the middle eastern music.

I really love the creepiness of the sound. I imagine it could work well for a short cut scene in a horror game.

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They look similar to Ace and Noodle.

Slumbrsloth responds:

I see it! The expressions lol

Good to see the textures most of the image contents. I think the yellows in the light itself should be sharp spike which would pierce what the light touches.

I really do love the idea of connecting birds with music, rest of the piece looks good.

jouste responds:

hey thanks a bunch! yeah i think it's a pretty natural pairing.


I should treat Illustration as something that I should enjoy.

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